I invite you to the homepage of kennel "Kuldne Talisman" / "The Golden Talisman".

     Our kennel was registered in the EKL / FCI 32/2002 in 2002. The main direction of our kennel is  long-haired dachshund, from year 2006 standard smooth-haired dachshund and from year 2009 rabbit wire-haired dachshund also.

     And now a little bit our history:
     The first long-haired dachshund appeared in our kennel in 1997 and this was Metsapiiga Lobo , daily Rich. He brought to our house a lot of fun, the hustle and bustle with my then 6-year old son.
Rich is still the same irrepressible handsome with a luxurious coat. Lobo&Lada
     The second dachshund was brought from Kiev in 2001. This was Lada. She was already 4 years old. It was a real hunting dog with a great mentality and inimitable dignity of dachshund. I want to express my gratitude to the first owner of the Lada, the hunter Serge because he has brought up a real miracle.
     From time, she had arrived started my endless love to the dachshunds. In the same year we received a first litter from Lada and Lobo. For the further breeding was left the only girl in the litter - Lucia.
     Lada - is my favorite forever! This was a dog on which we build breeding in our kennel. By the way, name Lada meant Goddess of Love in the Ancient Russia. It was a magnificent breeding female, possessing all the qualities that should have a real breeding female: the perfect character, good health, strong bones, good angles, pedigree head and ability to transmit it to their children. And now her offspring are the basis of our kennel.

     From 2003 to 2005, I studied in St. Petersburg to be a professional instructor of breeding and a judge of the dog’s exterior. I would like to thank the head of course Marina Bazyukina for the knowledge that I received during these years and for the joy of communicating with her.

In December 2006, my old dream come true, I have brought from the Russian kennel Golden Dachshund couple of smooth-haired dachshunds – marble coffee Antares and coffee-tan Barcelona, daily Anton and Basia. So they looked like then. And they are such now.

In spring 2008 I have bought from the Russian kennel Iz Strani Grez standard long-haired black and tan male Ostap Bender Iz Strani Grez, daily Benja and in spring 2009 I have bought standard smooth-haired black and tan female Helena O´Hara Iz Strani Grez, daily Helga.

I want to thank all those who helped and help me at work:
This is my husband, Yuri, co-owner of the kennel and our son Constantine.
Irina Sarajeva, co-owner of the dog, which is called - Kuldne Talisman Alfa-Skippi.
Kaire Sildna and her family are owners of three dachshunds from our kennel: Kuldne Talisman Alfa-Brenda.
Kuldne Talisman Viva Olivia, Kuldne Talisman Fryda Crystal Fox.
Reet Ellermaa and her family also are owners of three dachshunds of our kennel. They are Kuldne Talisman Ledi Kristella,
Kuldne Talisman Vesta, Kuldne Talisman Marta.
Natalia Antsiferova, owner Kuldne Talisman Vip Paola.
Kristina Sillandi, owner Kuldne Talisman Nikole-May. She helped me with the site translation on the Estonian language.

     I wish their dogs and all future dogs for their owners will be golden talismans.
We invite to co-operate all, who are fond of the dachshunds! Best regards, Olga Batasova.

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